Iranians Mull Military Exercises Near U.S. Border

Might the Western hemisphere soon witness Iran holding war games with Venezuela and Cuba? According to this article from Iran's State-controlled Farsi-Language Aftab News, the head of an alliance of conservative Iranian political parties has suggested to Iran's new Defense minister that doing so would 'provide a platform for Iran's military to show the world, especially the Imperialists, how strong Iran really is.

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April 2006 Issue

Iran - Aftab News - Original Article (Farsi)

Another Responsibility of Iran's Supreme Leader
is to Oversee the Spiritual Welfare of the Nation's Military.
Here is the Great Man, Giving Succor to the Nation's
Brave Men in Uniform. (above)

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The head of the political party, the Alliance of Builders of Islamic Iran [RealVideo], Hasan Bayadi [who is Vice President of the Tehran City Council], has suggested to the Iranian Ministry of Defense that it conduct war games near American border to show the strength of Iran's military.

[Editor's Note: Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is also a member of the Alliance].

Every year the American military conducts war games near countries which are unfriendly toward the United States, such as North Korea, Syria or Iran, to show them how mighty the U.S. military is, and just as they have invaded our own air space and territorial waters. They say it is unintentional and use the occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan as a pretext - to send us a message. And what is the message of these invasions of our airspace? The message is, "We can attack you whenever we wish; you will find no shelter from our military threats; and the shadow of fear will perpetually hang over your countries ..."

Therefore, we, recommend to the new Iranian defense minister Mostafa Mohammad-Najjar [RealVideo] that he take the initiative and prepare a military exercise with nations in the Western Hemisphere, such as Cuba and Venezuela.

This would be is, without doubt, a very difficult thing to do, and the costs of such an exercise would be far too high, but it would send a very clear message to the master of Global politics.

[Aftab News, Iran]


Bayadi also mentioned the example set by The Prophet of Islam [Mohammad] during the battle of Tabouk [RealVideo] in which Muhammad's army was preparing for a battle exercise with the Roman emperor.

Bayadi ends his suggestion by stating that such war games with our allies in the region, near the U.S. border, would pave the way for military cooperation with other governments in the region. They would also provide a platform for Iran's military to show the world, especially the Imperialists, how strong Iran really is. Finally would also be an opportunity and to Iran's great advantage for the Iranian armed services to test their powers against those of our allies overseas.


WindowsVideoIranian TV, Iran: Excerpts from an interview with General Ali Fadavi, Deputy Commander of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Navy, following the testing of the world's fastest underwater missile, March 29, 00:01:28, MEMRI

"The maximum velocity of the underwater weapons of other countries that we can witness is 25 meters per second. Today we have this missile, which has a velocity of 100 meters per second. In theory, as several theoretical physicists have concluded, such velocity is impossible, even theoretically."

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