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'America Is Sticking Its Hands Into Boiling Oil'

The writer takes offense at the sight of women leading men in Friday prayer, and blames the United States for pushing the practice in order to try and destroy Islam.

March 26, 2005

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I say to America: beware. Now your fingers are immersed in boiling oil; there is no safety. Even a journey of a thousand nights cannot shake our religious determination.

America can poke its nose at the entire world. She can stick its fingers into the affairs of other countries in general, and into the affairs of Middle Eastern countries in particular!!

And America can speak about freedom and democracy, as it sees it, and it loves to speak about change - but the spread of globalization obliterates our identity, takes away our privacy, and will lead to the imposition of domination.

She can press politicians and rulers. She threatens nations and spreads war … She can work to undermine countries and tear them apart, limb from limb. And she provokes ethnic fanaticism and sectarian violence!!

America can change the curriculum. She can remove the religious curriculum from the books ... But the one thing that America cannot do is remove Islam from the souls of its followers and believers.

Since the events of September 11, 2001, America has conducted fierce campaigns against Muslims under the pretext that Islam is the cause of terrorism. And therefore, she spared no effort in throwing some of its believers into prison, while at the same time holding conferences in various places to show how close our cultures are. She imposes at these conferences ideas and suggestions that contradict our religion. She concentrates in particular on women's rights and their equality with man, even in regard to inheritances!!

America does not know that Islam honors women and their situation in the loftiest way possible. And it gives them rights and advantages that American and European woman have yet to achieve.

As part of its policy of violating our religious doctrines, America and her media machine have been encouraging a new phenomenon: A woman leading men in Friday Prayer!!

America surprised us and challenged Muslim feelings by finding a woman in New York [Amina Wadud] to lead men in Friday Prayer. The woman tried to find a mosque that would permit this new innovation, but all of the mosques closed their doors to her. Initially, the churches did the same, but one of the cathedrals permitted a group of women and men to pray with them on a Friday, in an ironic scene that caused laughter and raised anger and disgust. It was literally a farcical scene!!

And yesterday America surprised us again, when another foolish woman, Asra Nomani, said she would lead Muslims in Friday Prayer in Boston. And after that, in San Francisco, and then Washington, and then several other states!!

The American mass media is preparing to increase its campaign of distorting Islam by showing this ugly image [of a woman leading Friday prayer] and trumpeting it all over the world, assuming that in this way it will defeat our religion!!

The attempts of America and its followers to deform and defeat Islam will come to nothing. Everything is easy to destroy compared to the deeply rooted religion of the soul, which is as immovable as a mountain on the land. Nations may often become silent about injustice until the storm passes. But when one tries to defeat a nation's religion, the uprising will come quickly and will not abate.

Beware America! Use caution and retreat from this policy, and stop playing with fire. No matter how many thousands like Amina [Wadud] and Asra [the two women who are leading Friday prayers] America recruits, Islam will remain an impregnable force in the face of its attempts. By sticking its fingers into Islam, America is immersing them in boiling oil.

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