Gadhafi Says America and Europe Will Soon Be Muslim

Will George W. Bush face facts and admit that America is destined to be Muslim, and accept Libyan strongman Moammar Gadhafi's offer to take the Hajj to Mecca? According to this article from Kuwait's Arabic-Language Al-Watan, Gadhafi proposes that the Holy City of Mecca, for the first time, allow Christians and Jews, including George W. Bush, to visit Islam's holiest sites, because sooner or later ... we'll all me Muslim anyway!

Translated By Nicolas Dagher

April 12, 2006

Kuwait - Al -Watan - Original Article (Arabic)    

Libyan Dictator Moammar Gadhafi (above) Has Proposed Allowing
George W. Bush the Privilege of Circling the Kaaba (below),
One of Islam's Holiest Sites, in Islam's Holiest City. Up to
Now, 'Non-Believers,' Including Chritsians, Jews, Pagans and
all Other Non-Muslims, Have Been Forbidden to Do So.

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Libyan President Moammar Gadhafi on Monday invited Jews and Christians to take the pilgrimage to Mecca, and insisted that the followers of both religions have the right to take the Hajj RealVideo], go around the Kaaba, pray between Safa and Marwa and stand at Mount Arafat.

[Editor's Note: Entrance to Mecca has always been forbidden to non-Muslims].

In the Malian city of Timbuktu and leading a prayer with the presidents of Mali, Sierra Leone, Niger, Mauritania and Senegal before sitting down for dinner at sunset, Gadhafi asserted that this [attending the Hajj] is a right, not only of Arabs and Muslims, and that he considered Mecca "the meeting place of all peoples except heretics and the vile."

After leading the prayer, he said that he considered that "People of the Book," such as Christians and Jews "are not heretics," and he said "they believe in God and are not vile." He also dared to suggest that the American President be allowed to take a pilgrimage around the Kaaba, saying that he should not be considered as vile or heretic, and wondering aloud, "if they [Arab leaders] consider him a vile person, why do they befriend him and eat with him?"

Gadhafi also said that one of the mistakes of the West is to consider Mohammad "as a prophet for Arabs and Muslims only." Gadhafi made his point by saying, "whoever disrespected Mohammad in Scandinavia mistakenly assumed that he wasn't their Prophet, because their schools teach a false curriculum that calls for hatred."

The prayer that Gadhafi led with the five African presidents, before thousands of Muslims, government officials, African tribal chiefs, Muslim theologians from East and West, South Africa, East and West Europe, Canada and the U.S. - was in celebration of the Prophet’s birthday.


U.S. Singer Lionel Ritchie (above) and Spanish Tenor Jose
Carreras (below) Performed at a 'Concert for Peace' in Front of
the Bombed-Out Ruins of Moammer Gadhafi's Home, Attacked
By the U.S. 20 Years Ago. Gadhafi's Adopted Daughter and 33
Other People are Said to Have Been Killed. Ronald Reagan
Ordered the Strike in Retaliation for the Bombing of a West
Berlin Discotheque that Killed an American Serviceman.

— CNN VIDEO: Report on American Air Strike
Against Libya, Apr. 14, 1986, 01:02:00 RealVideo

— CNN VIDEO: Americans React to Air Strike
Against Libya, Apr. 14, 1986, 01:02:00 RealVideo

Spanish Tenor Jose Carreras Performs. (below)


The Libyan leader said that "the educational curriculum in Europe and America is a curriculum calling for hate," further describing it as "corrupt and inhuman."

He also added "if they want peace with us, they should appoint commissions to review the Western Bible curriculum itself, because it is false."

He pointed out that American and Islamic commissions were formed to review the school curriculums in Muslim countries, and insisted on the necessity of forming Isalmic-American commissions to review the American and European curriculums.

Gadhafi gave his assurance that Muslims don't need "the sword or the bomb to spread Islam," and expected Europe to become Muslim with a few dozen years. He proved this by pointing to the presence of 50 million Muslims, 14,000 thousand mosques and Islamic centers, and 1,500 Islamic organizations and associations in Europe, in addition to Turkey, Bosnia and Albania joining the European Union.

He considered that "Europe and America face difficult times … as time passes they can either accept that they will become Muslim, or they must proclaim war on Muslims."


WindowsVideoLIBYA TV, LIBYA: Excerpts from an address given by Libyan Leader Moammar Gadhafi, Jan. 6, 00:08:49, Via MEMRI

"If the enemy is a superpower like NATO, America, Russia or China, which occupies Libya, I will not fight it with tanks, missiles or cannons. I will fight it with explosives belts, car bombs and Kalashnikovs."

Libyan Dictator Moammar Gadhafi

Arabic Version Below

القذافي يدعو اليهود والمسيحيين للحج إلى مكة؟!

طرابلس - يو بي اي: دعا الزعيم الليبي معمر القذافي اليهود والمسيحيين للحج إلى مكة،وشدد على حق اتباع الديانتين بالحج والطواف بالكعبة والسعي بين الصفا والمروة والوقوف بجبل عرفات.

والقذافي الذي كان يؤم صلاتي المغرب والعشاء برؤساء مالي، سيراليون، النيجر،موريتانيا،والسنغال،أشار إلى أن هذا الحق ليس مقتصرا على العرب أو المسلمين فقط،معتبرا أن مكة «ملتقى لكل الناس باستثناء المشركين والأنجاس».

وفيما اعتبر في كلمة له عقب إمامته بمدينة تمبكتو المالية في مالي مساء أمس الأثنين أن اهل الكتاب من النصارى واليهود «غير مشركين»بقوله «هم يؤمنون بالله وليسوا نجاسة»، فقد تحدى ان يسمحوا للرئيس الاميركي بالطواف حول الكعبة وعدم اعتباره نجسا او مشركا،متسائلا «اذا كانوا يعتبرونه نجسا لماذا يصادقونه ويأكلون معه؟».

واعتبر القذافي أنه من بين الأخطاء لدى الغرب هو اعتبار «محمد نبيا للعرب والمسلمين فقط»،موضحا أن «الذي قدح محمدا في اسكندنافيا اعتقد خطأ بأنه ليس نبيه باعتبار أن المنهج الذي يقرؤونه هناك مزور ويدعو إلى الكراهية».

يذكر أن هذه الصلاة التي أداها خلف القذافي خمسة رؤساء أفارقة والاف المسلمين من زعماء وشيوخ القبائل الأفريقية وعلماء وفقهاء المسلمين من شرق وغرب وجنوب افريقيا وآسيا الوسطى ومن غرب وشرق أوروبا ومن أمريكا وكندا تأتي بمناسبة ذكرى المولد النبوي.



ورأى الزعيم الليبي أن «منهج أوروبا وأمريكا يعد منهجا يدعو للكراهية»،واصفا إياه بـ«المنهج الفاسد واللاإنساني».

وقال «إذا كانوا يريدون السلام معنا فيجب أن تشكل لجان لإعادة النظر في المنهج الغربي وفي البايبل (الانجيل)نفسه لأنه مزور».

وفيما أشار إلى انه شُكلت لجان أمريكية وإسلامية لإعادة النظر في المنهج المدرسي في البلاد الإسلامية،فقد شدد على ضرورة أن تُشكل لجان إسلامية أمريكية لإعادة النظر في المنهج الأمريكي والأوروبي

وأكد القذافي أن المسلمين ليسوا بحاجة «إلى السيف أو القنبلة لنشر الإسلام»، متوقعا أن تدين أوروبا بالاسلام بعد عشرات السنين،ودلل على ذلك بوجود 50 مليون مسلم و14 الف مسجد ومركز اسلامي و1500 منظمة وجمعية إسلامية في أوروبا إضافة إلى انضمام تركيا والبوسنة والبانيا إلى الاتحاد الأوروبي.

واعتبر أن «أوروبا وأمريكا ستكونان في ورطة..فإما أن تقبل بأن تصبح مسلمة بمرور الزمن أو تعلن الحرب على المسلمين».

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