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Arabs Must 'Accept Defeat' in Lebanon

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah, Editor-in-Chief    
August 13, 2006
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'The Arab Superman: [Hezbullah Chief] Hassan Nassrullah.'

[Al-Ayyam, Palestine].


SYRIA has been raising slogans of resistance since the beginning of Israel's aggression against and killing of the Lebanese. One wonders what resistance Syria is referring to, or whom it was against. While Lebanon bleeds and is being demolished, the only resistance from Syria has been in the form of words and slogans. This is the typical kind of war fought by religious fundamentalists and intellectual terrorists. Syria will be happy to resist in this way as long as its cities and towns are safe. Never mind the destruction and killing of innocent children in Lebanon.

Soon Syria and Iran will begin to spread illusions of victory, especially after the issuance of U.N. Resolution 1706. [The Cease-fire resolution]. This will be a repeat of 1967, when [Egyptian leader] Gamal Abdul Nasser RealVideo and other intellectual terrorist groups tried turning a disgraceful defeat into a temporary setback. Under the banner of “Liberating Palestine,” the Nasserites succeeded only in destroying Egypt's economy and future.

[Editor's Note: The results of the Six-Day War with Israel, begun supposedly on behalf of the Palestinians, were so disastrous, that it culminated in Nasser's resignation. He was later recalled by massive public protest and continued to serve as President until his death RealVideo].

There is no winner in Lebanon. Hezbullah's defeat has affected everything in Lebanon - including its people, buildings and infrastructure. However, some Lebanese politicians who are followers of the Syrian regime will undoubtedly express misleading statements praising [Hezbullah chief] Hassan Nasrallah for achieving victory.

At the moment, all we ask is for the elimination of such misleading groups, because the Arab world cannot afford more defeats. We must help people of all Arab countries understand the facts to ensure that they don't repeat the mistakes of the Palestinians. The people of Palestine now rue their decision to reject the division of Palestine, the Camp David Accords, and former U.S. President Bill Clinton's initiatives. What we want is a comprehensive and unified Arab decision to silence the mouths of this kind of misleading intellectual terrorist group.

The Arab world must face reality and accept that it has been defeated. This will help Arabs identify their real enemies and be prepared to better defend themselves in the future. Arabs should understand that it would be fatal to challenge a powerful enemy and lead their nations into a dreadful adventure such as Nasrallah has, only to plead with the rest of the Arab and Islamic worlds to come to its rescue.




WindowsVideoNOURSAT, Lebanon: Excerpts from an interview with Lebanese Minister of Tourism Joe Sarkis, August 11, 00:003:38, MEMRI

"True, Israel is our enemy, but are Syria and Iran really fulfilling their duties of brotherhood and friendship towards Lebanon? I don't think this is what we have seen. This has become evident from the way the Syrian brothers have behaved for a whole year towards Lebanon, and today it is also evident that the Iranians are trying to resolve their problems with the international community, regarding the nuclear issues, through the conflict in Lebanon."

Joe Sarkis, Lebanese Minister of Tourism