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Chávez Looks Through Cuban Microscope

Chávez Blames Bolivian Crisis On Bush and the Free Market

The Venezuelan president attributed the present turmoil in Bolivia to the free market system to George W. Bush's staunch promotion of that system, and declared that best prescription for Bolivia and for Latin America is a Cuba-inspired socialist system.

June 12, 2005

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Caracas: From Maturín in Monagas State, the head of the national government, Hugo Chávez, said that the capitalist system and the president of the U.S., George W. Bush, are responsible for the political and economic crisis that has taken place in Bolivia.

"What is the cause of what happened in Bolivia? Fidel? Chávez? No, it is Bush; everything that he represents is Capitalism. Lucky, the Bolivians have managed to open the door to a peaceful solution, but we were on the verge of a civil war," he affirmed in the 225th edition of his weekly radio broadcast, "Hello Mr. President."

He also described as "untidy" Bush's participation at the annual opening session of the Organization of American States in Fort Lauderdale.

"Mr. George Bush has said once again, there in Florida …  that the salvation of the Latin America people is the free market. Get lost, because that is what it is killing the people of Latin America, that is what it is demolishing the cities of Latin America, that is what has generated the greatest inequality that has ever existed in history," he said.

Chávez accused the U.S. of continuing to propose, "poisoned medicine" for Latin America. Capitalism "is the devil" and the president of the United States, George W. Bush, has once again returned, "to propose more medicine of the death" at the Organization of American States, but, "the people of Latin America - we say, 'no to Mister Bush, Mister danger,'" Chávez said.

"He is like a doctor who, knowing that the medicine is poisoned and is killing people, continues to propose using it ... saying that the salvation for the people is the free market," he added.

"Their poisoned medicine thesis is a failure, Sir, and the people of this continent, we will construct … a way in which revolutionary Cuba, socialist Cuba, has been and are an example," he emphasized.

— AP VIDEO NEWS: Chávez Says Opponents Still Seek His Death, June 2, 00:00:55

He clarified himself, however, by saying that that having an example does not mean "to copy" and that each nation, "will have its own political and economic model, and its own variants along similar lines.”


He also announced that starting today, the second phase of Barrio Adentro [Inside the Barrio, Venezuela's healthcare system] restructuring has begun, and he explained that all over the country, the reform of the national healthcare system was underway.

"There is no country on this continent, with the exception of Cuba … that can offer advances like this, with the quality and the level of service integration which we are offering," he said.

The Chief of State assured that the facilities are, "for all, here we exclude no one," and he invited the middleclass to make use of the new services.

To be precise, he said that he would inaugurate today, at the first Integrated Diagnostic Center, 30 rooms for Integrated Rehabilitation. He said that the goal is to open this year 600 Integrated Diagnostic Centers with their own Integrated Rehabilitation rooms, and clarified that only one of every four Integrated Diagnostic Centers would have operating rooms. It is a program put forward by Cuban Health Minister Jose Balaguer.

Chávez emphasized that Barrio Adentro [the national healthcare program] is a collaborative effort of Cuba and Venezuela. In addition, the president indicated that all the medical equipment had come from Cuba.

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