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Saddam Execution 'Greatest Travesty of Justice' for Kurds

"Imagine if Hitler's Deputy, Hermann Gering, was hastily executed before he ever had to answer for the extermination of millions of Jews.

By Aya Biye

January 2, 2006
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Was this the 'easy way out' for Saddam?

—AMATEUR VIDEO: Saddam's execution
via cell phone, Dec. 29, 00:02:36WindowsVideo

RealVideo[NEWSWIRE PHOTOS: Saddam Hussein].

—BBC VIDEO NEWS: Embarrassed by the release
of cell-phone footage of Saddam's hanging, the Iraqi
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Saddam's 1988 chemical weapons attack on Kurdish
civilians is still an acid test of dictatorial criminality.

Would Saddam have been humiliated by international
trial broadcast around the world? We will never know.


Saddam's hasty execution is perhaps the greatest travesty of justice to have been inflicted on Kurds in all of their history.

Here was the supreme opportunity to have him answer for the crimes committed against the Kurds; it was a chance the Kurds never had before and would never have again. Here was a venue to put the chief perpetrator on trial to answer for his crimes and to be broadcast around the world. It would have been a chance to bring closure to years of suffering, to tell the story of hatred, death and destruction. It was a chance to have the man at the center of the evil unleashed on the Iraqi Kurds to stand and take account for his actions; to honor those that suffered to achieve civility, peace, and justice ... a chance to acknowledge the Kurdish Genocide from every level and to bring forth the truth ... to remember and to ensure that it never happens again. It would be any Kurd's dream to fulfill such an opportunity.

But Saddam's execution brought an end to that dream. Saddam was given the easy way out. He never had to face judgment before the world for his actions against the Kurds. He never had to be branded guilty in a court of law for the thousands of deaths on his hands and the millions he made to suffer. He never even faced a trace of humiliation for his actions. For Saddam, such humiliation would have been a far worse punishment than death; it would have been a punishment that surpasses all others. Witnessing the humiliation of a dictator who once held power and squandered the lives of millions would have brought true closure to those he wounded.

Instead, Kurdish history repeats itself. Another missed opportunity, another forgotten page.

This demeans the entire Kurdish struggle. Saddam's swift execution was the equivalent of saying that the Kurdish struggle is too insignificant to wait three days more until the end of Eid RealVideo to hang him. It tells the world that Kurdish suffering means little and that Saddam wasn't such a bad guy since he was only charged for killing about 150 people.

How pathetic to see that he was hanged for killing fewer people than those who didn't wield power over the lives of millions. People like Timothy McVeigh who committed the Oklahoma City Bombings RealVideo. It's like saying that the lives of over a thousand Kurds are worth less than one Arab. This is so much the case that they wouldn't even give Kurds the chance to try Saddam for genocide. This belittles the Kurds and their suffering. It was as if as soon as Saddam was found guilty of killing 148 Arabs, justice was served. It's like sweeping the Kurds under the rug, telling them they are like insects not even worth paying attention to after hundreds of thousands of them have been stepped on.

It's an enormous slap in the face. Not just because it's yet another disgraceful event, but because the consequences of this particular event and missed opportunity will be forever a part of the history of human civilization. Just imagine when future Westerner reads the history books and see that Saddam was only charged with the murders of around 150 people. Just imagine that children will think, "Oh, Saddam wasn't such a bad dictator; he only did one tiny bad thing in Dujail. Sure, there were hiccups here and there, but he handled Iraq way better than America and Friends did. And those Kurds are just complainers ... Saddam never really committed genocide against them, after all, he was never charged with genocide."

Now imagine this. Imagine that at the Nuremburg Trials RealVideo in 1946, Hitler's second-in-command Hermann Goering RealVideo was tried and executed for killing a few dozen French resistance members in Normandy. Imagine if he was never tried for the Holocaust, and was quickly executed before he ever had to answer for the extermination of millions of Jews.

Hermann Goering.


And imagine if the Jewish Holocaust RealVideo had been buried so deeply in the pages of history that it faded from the minds of the world's people, like old pictures rotting on a shelf. In fact you don't need to conjure up such a scenario, because that's exactly what happened on December 30, 2006. It's like awaking from a nightmare only to realize that nightmare was true.

Saddam's execution was no doubt politically motivated. But the reasons for his sudden execution still remain a little elusive. Were "America, France and Friends" afraid of the dirty secrets that would have come up during his trials (i.e. Ronald Regan spoon-feeding Saddam)? Were the "Anti-Kurds" and [our] other enemies afraid of their dirty secrets as well? Could it have something to do with the shift in American strategy in Iraq? Was it to add a new punch line to George Bush's upcoming speech? Or was it just a mix of good old fashioned Arab racism packed into a convenient can of Aunt Jemima's Pancake Syrup?

Whatever the reason, politics was the main factor.

Welcome Kurds, one and all, to the 21st century.