Polish Intelligence Official Confirms CIA Use of Polish Facility

It's getting harder and harder for Washington to deny it runs secret detention centers in Europe. According to this article from Germany's Stern magazine, a 'high-ranking Polish official' told of an area of the Polish Intelligence Services building run by 'the Americans,' many of whom lived on the premises 'for months on end during the past five or six years.'

By Marc Goergen

Translated By Carl Johan Bergquist

December 15, 2005

Original Article (German)    

While regular employees have no access to the Polish Intelligence Services building, the CIA definitely does. In the Kiejkuty area, Americans  interrogating al-Qaeda detainees.

The CIA is apparently using a training center run by Polish intelligence in order to question al-Qaeda prisoners. As Stern has learned, there are now more indications that that this intelligence camp near Kiejkuty is used as a base by the Americans.

According to statements by a high-ranking Polish intelligence officer from Kiejkuty, Americans have lived on the premises for months on end during the past five or six years. At the time, a 50x100 yard interior area, where the perimeter was protected by barbed wire and a 10-foot-high wall, was also erected within the one-by-two mile facility.

Regular Polish intelligence employees had no access to this inner area, but the Americans apparently did. Furthermore, there were small cars with tinted windows parked at the camp site. The same kind of cars that employees at Szymany Airport told Stern were always driven to CIA airplanes, which were waiting with engines running at the end of the runway.

The intelligence service camp Kiejkuty is located some 5 miles from Szymany Airport in northeastern Poland. In 1968, the Soviet Military there planned the suppression of the Prague Spring revolution.

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