Iraqis Should Stop Supporting the American Occupation

Should those Iraqis that favor the U.S.-led coalition give up hope of an American victory? This op-ed article from the Yemen Times suggests that if the American track record is anything to go by, it might be time to choose another path.

By Atif Awadi

April 13 - 16 Issue, 2006
Yemen - Original Article (English)    

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Three years have passed since the advent of "St. Bush Jr." into the land of Babylon and his seizure of all its territory, its people and its wealth. The question here is: Do those who spawned his principles and the message which he has sent to the Iraqi people, still have faith in his message?

Since the shedding of innocent Iraqi blood began in a process similar to a ceremony of the devil, Iraqi women, children and elderly men have been unsafe, even in their own bedrooms. It isn't safe for a widow to go out in search of food for her children, who were recently deprived of their father. It isn't even safe for an elderly man to look for his wife's body among the dead. Iraqis have lost all sense of security since "St. Bush" and his disciples came to Iraq. Iraqis have lost not only their security, but every facility that preserves human dignity. Even in Baghdad, water and electrical services have stopped. Drinking water is mixed with sewage and citizens can find no other alternative but to give it to their children.

Are the performers and disciples of St. Bush, who believe in the message imposed by the West on the savage Iraqis and Arabs, still propagating this message and kneeling at his sacred alter?

During these past three years at Abu Ghraib and other U.S. and British prisons, Iraqis have experienced every kind of abuse and insult to their human dignity

So again we ask Iraqis who continue to deceive themselves by supporting the U.S.: Do you still have the same faith in salvation at the hands of God's messenger Bush and his European, Zionist and U.S. disciples? Wasn't it they who said that the peaceful prophet Bush would bring the salvation of the Iraqi people, and deliver them from the oppression of their dictatorial regime, making it a great civilization again? Wasn't it they who said that in Bush's hands, Iraq would be a model that is envied by all Arab nations?

Do these self-styled Arab and non-Arab missionaries still insist on the deception and fear? Iraqi unity has disintegrated. All factions are calling for separation. Each Iraqi ethnicity is calling from atop the altar in the temple of Bush, demanding a separate land. And every separatist Iraqi is a result of Western teachings issued by Bush and his disciples.

How long will the rest of the West turn a blind eye to the invaders' crimes in Iraq? Civil war in Iraq is the worst scenario that can happen to Iraqis. Thank you to St. Bush, who made all of this possible, and thank you to Bush's supporters, who won't withdraw their support until they see Iraq totally destroyed.

Atif Awad is an Egyptian journalist and short-story writer residing in Yemen


WindowsVideoAl-Jazeera TV, Qatar: Excerpts from an interview with Saudi intellectual Awadh Al-Qarni, March 16, 00:01:40, MEMRI

"The Zionist gang is now toying with the fate of America, and consequently, with the fate of the world, for the sake of the Jewish biblical greed and hatred."

Saudi Intellectual Awadh Al-Qarni