Europe Has Known About CIA Prisons 'for Years'

Swiss Senator Dick Marty, the man leading a Council of Europe investigation into the issue of 'secret' CIA prisons in Europe, has announced on Swiss television that these facilities could not have come as a surprise to Europe's leaders.

Translated By Meta Mertens

January 14, 2005

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Swiss Senator Dick Marty: 'Europeans Should Be Less Hypocritical'
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GENEVA: European governments have known about the existence of secret CIA prisons for at least two years.

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This was announced on Friday on Swiss television by the chairman of the commission, the Swiss Dick Marty, who on behalf of the Council of Europe is investigating the affair.

According to Marty, "'the countries have definitely known for two or three years what was happening."' The Swiss Senator added; There were countries that actively participated, countries who allowed it, and countries that looked the other way. According to Marty, the reaction to alleged torture by CIA agents were particularly strong in the United States itself.

Marty said he is convinced of the existence of illegal detention centers, even though he doesn't yet possess hard evidence. On January 23rd, he will present his preliminary report to the Council of Europe, which is an organization of 46 European countries in the area of human rights.

"'European countries should be less hypocritical and should not close their eyes,"' said Marty."' He continued; "'There are those who do the dirty work abroad, but there are also those who know exactly when to look the other way the moment dirty work is to be done."'  He called Europe’s passivity "'shocking."'

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