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Kim Jong-il Regime Demands U.S. Apologize for 1951 Bombing Attack

The Pyongyang regime argues that 1951 bombing of North Korean villagers by the United States was worse than the crimes of Nazi war criminals - all of whom were eventually found and prosecuted. Therefore, Kim Jong-il and company argue, this U.S. crime should also be prosecuted.

July 1, 2005

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Pyongyang:  A spokesman for the Chief Northern office of the Nationwide Special Committee for Probing the Truth, which is responsible for investigating massacres by U.S. Troops, made a statement on Friday. His statement denounced the U.S. imperialist aggressors, who in the 195os ignited a war of aggression to destroy the fledging Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and realize their ambition to dominate the world.

In the 1950s, GIs killed Koreans in the most brutal manner. During the last Korean War, on January 19, 1951, it was disclosed recently that more than 30 U.S. Air Force planes indiscriminately dropped bombs with great destructive power over Sansong-ri in Ryechon County, in Northern Kyongsang Province, killing at least 130 people, under a scorched earth strategy developed by the U.S. commander of the 10th Army Corps.

He noted that this civilian massacre was not a “badly judged” bombing mission, but the organized and premeditated killing of Koreans – as was also the case with the massacre in Rogun-ri. The spokesman went on: The U.S. imperialists have neither admitted this massacre of Koreans, nor have they apologized, nor have they compensated us, although over a half century has gone by. On the contrary, the U.S. has instead continued to perpetrate monstrous killings and outrages against Koreans, behaving as a ruler and master, and enjoying extraterritorial rights in South Korea.

The U.S. is now working hard to provoke a new war in its effort to impose a nuclear disaster upon the Korean nation.
This intolerably mocks and challenges the Korean nation and is a blatant affront to justice and conscience. Just as it fails with a burglar, neither advice nor reasoning will work on an aggressor. There should be only a strong counter-reaction to defend our national dignity and our sovereignty.

In today’s world, any massacre is a proper subject of severe international punishment, which is why the last group of Nazi war criminals who had remained in hiding was eventually judged by human conscience. It is a shame and disgrace to Koreans, therefore, to allow the U.S. imperialists to go scot-free, after they committed atrocities even more monstrous than the crimes that the [Nazi] criminals perpetrated.

—AP NEWS VIDEO: North Koreans Face Execution For Trying To Leave Country, March 18, 00:00:56

South Koreans from all walks of life should take part in the dynamic anti-U.S. struggle, to force the imperialists to pay for all of the many accursed crimes committed by the U.S. against the Korean nation. They [the South Koreans] should drive the aggressor forces, the source of nuclear war, misfortune and pain, out of South Korea under the extolling slogan, "Let us not allow the presence of U.S. forces in South Korea to last longer than 60 years."

— BBC NEWS VIDEO: Why So Many People Try To Escape North Korea, Nov. 24, 2004, 00:01:42

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